Project Description

$350 /day

This inflatable attraction is a giant, over-sized velcro wall. Participants step into a multi-colored, striped sticky suit, which has corresponding Velcro straps, and sprint down the runway. After they get some air with a good bounce, guests will find themselves hanging around on the 13-foot velcro wall. The suits and the wall are made to hold both adults and children, and offer a great bonding experience for parents and their kids. The bright, bold stripes and the red/yellow walls of this inflatable game will capture the attention of every passerby and fit into any theme or color scheme. It is perfect for a large corporate event or neighborhood party. The Sticky Wall is sure to impress and give guests an experience that they will never forget!
For all ages.

Dimensions are 22’2″L x 12’4″W x 13’2″L.

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