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To view details on the rental agreement, safety, payments and other policies, please click here!

Failure to follow these rules may result in injury

  1. Supervision by a qualified attendant is required at all times.
  2. The ride must be securely tied down at all times.
  3. The blower requires a Ground Fault protected circuit (GCFI)
  4. Keep children away from the blowers at all times.
  5. Do not use and immediately deflate the ride, if winds exceed 15mp.
  6. Do not enter inflatable when wet it maybe slippery and may cause injury.
  7. Persons with mental or physical impairments should not be allowed to use this ride.
  8. Remove shoes, eyeglasses and any sharp objects before entering.
  9. No food, drink, gum, pets or silly string.
  10. Somersaults, diving, piling on, wrestling or rough play and flips are prohibited.
  11. Play away form others and away from the sides and entrances/exits.
  12. Keep hands off the nets
  13. Do not jump onto or off the ride.
  14. Do not attach anything to the inflatable(No tape, sip ties, string or staples)
  15. Exit immediately if the unit begins to lose air.
  16. Maximum number of riders is 10
  17. Maximum weight limit is 1000lbs.

Play safely and have fun!

If the conditions are not too severe, we will give you the option of continuing on or canceling the event for a full refund.  You may reschedule if you wish, and your deposit and/or full payment will be transferred to the new date.
Please note:  Refunds are only given when the event is cancelled due to inclement weather.  Inclement weather constitutes:  heavy consistent rain, high winds, thunderstorms, hurricanes or threat of tornados.  A predicted “chance of showers” does not constitute inclement weather and a refund will not be given under these circumstances.

If conditions are not too severe, we will give you the option of keeping the event reservation or canceling the event on the day of your event only. If you decide to keep the rented unit(s) for the term of this Rental Agreement, there will be no refunds once the unit is set up. Should you decide to cancel your event, your deposit will be kept as a rain check and used when rescheduling your event. It is good for up to one year from the date of event. After one year, your rain check will expire.

Absolutely no water is allowed in or near the inflatables unless you have specifically rented a water slide.  This will prevent any injuries.

Absolutely no gum, candy, food, water, “silly string”, or other sticky substances are allowed in the rented unit(s).  In addition, no toys should be brought into the inflatable.  To avoid injuries, all shoes must be removed before playing in or on the inflatables including flip flops.

The remaining balance is due no less than 7 days prior to your event.  Payment will not be collected at time of delivery unless prior approval has been given.  Delivery staff will not be setting up any items until the balance is paid in full.  Payments are accepted at our office.  We take cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, and DISCOVER.

Yes.  The deposit amount is 30% of your total cost.  Deposits are expected by the due date on your rental agreement.  Requests are not considered reservations until your deposit is received.

Yes.  All generators will be delivered full.  However, you will be responsible for any refilling of gas needed during your event so please be prepared.  Our delivery staff cannot transport gas in the vehicles.  Any gasoline that remains in the generator at the end of the event will not be refunded, returned, or credited. 

Yes.  If you are renting a dunk tank, you must have the means to fill it.  It must also be at a location where it can be drained after your event.  The dunk tank will need approximately 550 gallons of water.

The following chart will help you determine how much ice you will need for your sno kone machine.

Number of Servings

Pounds of Ice





















You will be required to supply the ice for the sno kone rental.  Because our delivery staff usually travels from one delivery to the next, we simply cannot transport the ice reliably without melting. 

The unit must be within 100 feet of the electrical outlet.  Check your reservation letter where we identified how many open circuits you will need.  A standard wall outlet provides 20 amp service.  The blower for the inflatable should be the only thing plugged into this outlet.

Virtually any surface.  The surface should be somewhat flat.  Steep hills are not good for inflatables and our staff will not set up your inflatable on a steep hill.  The delivery staff will help you to identify the safest place for your inflatable.

If you already have an inflatable set up outside and it starts to rain, Please get the Children/participants out of the inflatable.  The material in the inflatables gets very slippery when wet and can cause injury.  You should keep the inflatable inflated and up.  However, if it starts to become a Heavy Rain, Thunder or Lightning out please turn the inflatable off.   If the Winds exceed 20 mph please get all participants out and shut off the inflatable.

Funtastic Inflatable has an emergency phone number which can be reached after normal business hours.  The number is (810) 513-4539.

All delivered inflatables are properly positioned, secured and inflated before our staff departs.  We will make every effort to ensure that it is staying inflated and you will not have any problems during your event.

Funtastic Inflatables has a very large delivery area.  We do charge customers an additional fee for deliveries outside of a 25 mile radius from our office in Grand Blanc.  Call for additional information.

Funtastic Inflatables opened in August of 2000 with one rental – the Castle Jump.  Since that time, the company has continued to serve the Genesee County communities and beyond and has grown to almost 50 inflatables.